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How to get Developer License for Windows Application development

What is developer license is all about? I’ve been developing software applications since from the earlier version of windows, I haven’t heard such an annoying thing till before!

dartle_windows_developer_head_scratchStop scratching your head, this blog post helps you to understand it.

A developer license for Windows 8 apps is free and allows you to install, develop, test and evaluate Windows store apps before the Windows store tests and certifies them.

Is it possible to develop and deploy my app?

Straight forward answer is NO!

Ok so how should I get it?

Getting a Windows developer license is as simple as having a cheese balls! Kindly follow the below steps.

I believe you have the Visual studio Express/Pro 2012 or latest installed in your system. This method requires Internet connection.


Open Visual studio IDE and create new Windows Store project.

Open Visual Studio - Windows developer license


Go to Menu “Project” and navigate to “Store” and click on “Acquire developer license”.

Navigate to Project Menu  - Windows Developer License


A “Terms and Condition” window pops-up, click on “I Agree” button.

Popup Window appears  - Windows Developer License


It requires you to sign-in with your Microsoft Live id.

Sign to your account  - Windows Developer License


If your credentials are right enough, then That’s It! You will get a confirmation screen with date of expiration as well.

Success popup  - Windows Developer License

Hope this tiny post was helpful for you for getting the Windows 8 Store developer license. Please leave your valuable comments and share this with your connections. Happy Coding!

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